Can you imagine having so much trust that you never feel anxiety? As someone who tends to feel a lot of anxiety, I really can’t imagine that, but I want to have it so badly. I’ve heard of a lot of stories of Christians who trusted in God for every dollar they needed, every bite to eat when they couldn’t buy food, every word to say to every person they meet. After I hear about these people, I am often left in awe of not only a God who provides every little thing, but people who can trust that. Yet I don’t try and apply that to my life. When anxiety creeps in, I let it. I worry about things, I try to work things out. I don’t automatically say no to anxiety and yes to God. I have a hard time letting go and giving things to him. It’s something that I’m working on, but please pray for me. And this post is kinda random/small, but maybe you will be encouraged to do the same thing. Say no to anxiety. Seek a life that is completely entrusted in God’s hand.

Be blessed


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