I left church this morning with so many different things going through my head. So much to think about, and they’re all so random… I’m not sure what to write about right now, but I have a feeling that this text box will be filled up soon enough.

I guess one thing that I really realized this morning is that lukewarmness is not acceptable, yet it is probably one of the more common things in my church, especially in my generation. I see so many people choosing what parts of Christianity they like, and following God only some days of the week and with only a part of their heart.

But we are called to be hot. And if you don’t want to be hot, then just be cold. Because being lukewarm is not okay.

You can’t decide that you’ll follow God’s commandment not to get drunk on wine, and then turn around and gossip. You’re still living in sin.

You can’t live in sexual purity but have a jealous heart, you are still living in sin.

We are called to be all or nothing. If we really want to live like Christ, we need to constantly be in pursuit of Him. We need to be examining ourselves every second and making a conscious effort to align ourselves with Christ, so we are replicating him.

That means turning from gossip and lust. It means loving not only our friends and the people we like to be with, but also the people who are hard to love, whoever that may be for you. It means going against the grain to be like Christ, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

So are you ready to give it all? Or would you rather give nothing?

Be blessed


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