Spoiler Alert

Wanna know something so cool?

Warning, spoiler alert: God wins

I’m currently sitting in the atrium of the science building on my university campus listening to For Today’s song Fearless. How cool is it that God speaks to me in such an unexpected place! Here’s some lyrics that really stood out to me:

We bear the mark of the uncreated god
So what should we fear?
We bear the scars of the holy risen son
So tell me what should we fear?

Every threat is hollow
Because our victory is already set in stone

And it just hit me. God wins. We already have that amazing assurance through the Bible. We don’t need to be afraid of anything as long as we are faithful. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!

Haha sorry for the randomness, but that just really stuck out to me and I’m just so excited about it. I’m also a crazy person…. Don’t mind me

Revelation gives a pretty clear picture that Christ is victorious. The end times seem sort of (aka incredibly) scary but hey,  I already know who wins so BAM.

As I was writing this I read Revelation 19:11-21. Read it for yourself and you’ll see, too, that God wins


Be blessed


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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