God’s Plan

Something that I’ve heard a lot is the question of, “If God knows what’s going to happen in my future, why doesn’t he just show me my whole life path?” I think people tend to think that if God would show them how their entire life would pan out, it would be much easier. But there’s a few reasons why I think God chooses not to do this.

1. So we don’t run from it. The things God calls some people do is pretty radical. I think of my old youth pastor- as a teenager, he had a huge fear of public speaking, and he was also living for the world without caring much about God throughout most of his high school life. If God would have shown him that he was going to become a youth pastor that travelled around to different churches and camps speaking and changing lives, don’t you think he might have gotten a bit freaked out? What if that would have made him constantly run from this calling on his life in fear?

And that’s not the most extreme calling, either. God has called so many people out of lives of comfort to do His works. I think of missionaries, especially those who are ministering in countries of persecution. If God had shown this call to them before they were ready, I don’t think many of them would have been excited to go to these countries where there is a huge chance that they will be killed for what God is telling them to do.

2. He waits until we are prepared for the next step. The wording on this one might not make too much sense… So I apologize for that. But I believe that God reveals the next part of our life plan to us only when we are prepared to handle that step. Think of it like this: If God were to reveal to a 10 year old that they would teach English in a persecuted country that doesn’t speak our language, chances are that 10 year old would not be ready to go when they are 10. They need to have more training than that. If God were to reveal our whole plan, maybe we would go where we are called before we are called there, before we are ready to go there.

3. So we don’t skip a step. I believe that many of the bad experiences and situations in my life have shaped me into who I am, and have enabled me to further God’s kingdom more than if I hadn’t had those experiences. But if God had shared my life plan before those things had happened, chances are I would have done all I could to skip out on those negative things in my life. The same things that make me who I am today wouldn’t have been a part of me at all. Maybe if I knew that I wouldn’t end up with my current boyfriend, I wouldn’t stay with him anymore, but what if God isn’t finished using that relationship yet? What if he wants to teach me more, but I walk away so I wouldn’t “waste” my time with the person I’m not going to end up with?

4.  So we don’t get mad that it isn’t a plan we like. What if God showed you your plan today, and you see that instead of marrying the boyfriend you’ve been with for 3 years, you end up single? What if instead of becoming a teacher with a good salary, you become a missionary to the homeless in your community? I think that a lot of people’s plans wouldn’t match up with God’s plans, and that might cause people to become angry with God and turn from Him.

5. To save us from having to worry about it. It takes so much stress off of me knowing that I don’t need to do anything to “make my life plan happen” other than trusting in God. If I knew what job I would have in 10 years, who I would be married to, what my life would be like, I just know that I would be working towards that right now, even if I wasn’t supposed to yet. I can sleep easily knowing that while I don’t know what God will do with my life, He will do something amazing and He will see me through. Some people think that they have to worry more about their future because God is holding the reins, but I worry less because I trust that God will guide me.

Look at the nations and watch- and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told. -Habakkuk 1:5

Be blessed!


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