Feeling Great

This morning I had day 2 of scheduled “quiet time”. I expected to wake up and decide to go back to sleep, because that’s what’s happened in the past. But this morning, God woke me up even earlier than my alarm was set for, and I had an amazing time of just laying in bed in His presence. It was the most perfect way to start my morning, and it led into a very powerful quiet time.

I really want to encourage those who are hesitant to have quiet time, or are struggling with wanting to do it every day. It is honestly the best way to start my morning. I make a coffee, and then just spend time getting to know God better (I schedule about 20 minutes, that way it’s not too daunting, but I often spend longer just praying and being quiet with God). It can honestly be in any way that works for you.

Today, I spent time thanking God for his “enoughness” and delighting in it, as I was instructed to do in one of my devotionals. It’s a pretty cool thing- Christ is truly enough for me. That’s something that I think I have struggled with a lot over the years, and honestly I know that I would have a hard time in God decided to take everything I have from me to show me that all I need is Him, but I do trust that He knows what’s best for me, and He will provide through every situation I face.

In case you are wondering how my quiet time is structured, here’s a rough outline of what I’ve been doing since I started:

  1. I start of by praying that God will open up my heart, and quiet the distractions around me. This is a good way for me to focus and begin my study of His word
  2. I read an online devotion called “Quiet Walk”, here: http://www.crosswalk.com/devotionals/quiet-walk/. I also spend time reading the passage it gives in my Bible (you could read it online, I just prefer my Bible because then I can underline things that stand out, and there’s less distraction for me). There is also prayers and verses on this devotion, and I spend some time in prayer and quiet when I have finished reading.
  3. At this time, I usually spend time praying for situations around me. I keep an updated prayer request list on my computer, and I pray through that, and also add anything on my heart to the list.
  4. Now, I will read a day’s devotion in my The Message Remix: Solo devotional. There is a passage and some thoughts/questions to reflect on it, as well as prompts to pray, and often some place to reflect on what was learned. It’s a little hard to explain the format, but it really allows me to study God’s word more, which is something that is important to me.
  5. After I have read and reflected on that, I will spend some time in my journal, just writing things that have stuck in my mind (I will often write throughout the two devotionals I do, as well). I will pray and just be still and listen to God.

That’s a basic run-down of how my quiet times work, or at least for now. I have really enjoyed these times. I am someone who is somewhat lost without structure, so that’s why my times are so scheduled. I also sometimes enjoy playing worship music in the background.

Hopefully this helped or inspired you in some way! I’d definitely encourage you to have a daily quiet time, it’s such a great experience for me. God is the most important thing in my life, and it’s very important to me to spend time with Him daily!

Be blessed 🙂


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