A New Angel

Today, heaven gained another sweet angel. Little Alvaro, who was a two year old boy from Niños Con Valor*, passed away this morning. He was a very sick little boy from birth. He had cerebral palsy, epilepsy, respiratory issues, and was blind. His story is quite amazing, though, I’ll give you a brief overview:

Alvaro, who came to NCV when he was around 6 months, has an older brother, who was three at the time that the boys were found. They had been abandoned and were living alone, where the three year old brother had the responsibility to care for the very sick Alvaro. When they were found, the brother had only been feeding Alvaro water- it was all he knew, being so young. When they were found, they were brought to NCV and could still live in the same place, something very special. The older brother was so loving to little Alvaro, something that was very evident when I was in Bolivia with them. When we were giving Alvaro a gift from our church, his brother was right there with us, holding Alvaro’s little hand. He had so much concern and love for his brother, his heart was huge.

I can’t imagine how that brother is feeling right now. His baby brother has moved on from this life. My heart is heavy for this brother who is left behind. Please pray for his peace and comfort, this isn’t an easy thing for a 5 year old to understand.

I am rejoicing, though, that Alvaro is in eternal paradise with Jesus. His body is restored, he feels no more pain, and I am thankful for that. He was a fighter during his short time on Earth, he had times where he was so close to death, but he fought to stay alive. He was a strong little boy, and now he is with Jesus and my heart feels such an amazing joy at this fact. And someday I will see little Alvaro again, when we are reunited in heaven.

I am praising God, despite this sadness and grieving. Alvaro is whole, he is well, and he is happy. He is with the Daddy that never abandoned him.

Please please pray for the Niños Con Valor staff and children who have lost such a precious part of their family today. Pray that they would have great comfort from God, and that they would feel his peace. Help them to be able to let go of Alvaro, but let the memory of his presence live on. Pray for understanding, especially for the many little ones that are living at the NCV homes. It’s hard to understand why Alvaro isn’t there anymore, but help them to understand that he is safe and healthy with Jesus.


*Niños Con Valor is the orphanage I volunteered with in Bolivia this winter, a little more on that here: https://redeemedandrescued.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=322&action=edit