A Jantzi Wedding NEXT SUMMA

You guys I’m so super excited to tell you that my big brother, Jarris, is getting married next summer, and I couldn’t be any more excited right now! He proposed to his beautiful bride-to-be, Amanda, this afternoon, on the very spot that they will live together, raise their kids, and grow old. How romantic is that? Didn’t think he had it in him 😉

They’re planning to get married in August, and then they will live together in a mobile home on the site of their house that they will build together. This just seems like its right out of a movie!

Weddings always make me so happy (and emotional), I just love being somewhere where you can see SO much love everywhere. I’m very blessed to have two very amazing older siblings with such great relationships. They’re awesome role models to me, and I love and appreciate them, and their significant others, so very much 🙂

So this isn’t a very on-topic post today, but this news was too exciting not to dedicate a post to 🙂 Join me over the next 8 ½ months covering these two in your prayers as they lead up to their big day!

Be blessed!


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