Weekend Slacker..

Ok so I totally slacked on my blog this weekend.. and if I’m being honest it may become a trend. So if I miss the occasional Friday and/or Saturday don’t hate me! 🙂

And tonight I thought I’d just share something cool that happened today, instead of a structured/following a theme post

So last night I was at home from my nanny job for the weekend. Before I went to bed I started to feel very anxious about going back to work, I felt very homesick and overwhelmed. I woke up this morning in an anxious mood, not looking forward to what the day would hold for me. I let my anxieties get the better of me, and I just wanted to stay in bed forever.

And then I got to church, and the message my pastor had was about peace in all situations. And HELLO what a God moment for me! It was such a great reminder that God is able, God is my provider, and God is with me always. I gave my situation and my anxiety to Him, and I felt so much peace about coming back to work. Now I am back and looking forward to this week. I’m excited to get to know the kids better, and take on my full role as their nanny. It’s a lot of work but God is good and His hand is on me. Praise to Him!

Be blessed 🙂


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