Lacey’s Nanny Life #1

So I had intended to write this on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but the weekend just flew by so it’s late.. But better late than never, right?
I arrived at the house in Kincardine on Sunday the 3rd at around 6, and was greeted by the friendliest dog ever, Shamas, and three adorable little kids, Bella (6), Peter (5), and Willie (4). While the boys got ready for bed, me and Bella spent some bonding time unpacking (aka she sat on my bed playing with my lamp and I hung up clothes) while she told me of her glorious adventures when she was 1, which included swimming with dolphins and sharks in Florida. She was a super baby, from what I’ve gathered.
Monday morning the boys were home from school, so we spent the morning making puzzles, watching Fireman Sam, and finding out their lunch preferences. Peter is ham and mayo, no crust and cut in half. Willie is any combination of honey, Nutella, and peanut butter, no crusts and not cut. In case you ever need to make them lunch šŸ˜‰
Monday night I got the grand tour of Kincardine, we went to a lot of places and I remember about 2 of them.. Thank goodness for gps!
Every Tuesday and Wednesday they all go to school, so I was looking forward to a morning of sleep.. Except somehow some wild elephants got into the kitchen which is above my room, so I got to wake up at 7.. But then I let Netflix entertain me, so really I was the winner there, clearly šŸ˜‰
Tuesday afternoon before the kids were home Grandma Victoria came over, so we had awkward small chat until she went for a nap and I returned to my Netflix šŸ˜‰
The kiddos came home and then went with G-momma (my sick nickname for her) took them to see the lake (did I mention the beach is literally down the street) so i just relaxed to the max
Then they all went out for dinner, so hello Netflix date.. You may begin to see a trend here..
Wednesday is playgroup, which is luckily one of the places I remember the directions to! So I got to hop in my sporty (lol not) intrepid with g-momma, Peter and Willie and proceed to take 5 minutes to figure out the stinking parking brake- never putting that thing on again! But then we actually got moving and made it to playgroup only 10 minutes late, pretty good for my first time šŸ˜‰ I met the old nanny, the new minister, and some bratty and adorable small children. Then it was snack time, and dumb nanny Lacey forgot Peters pills.. He has cystic fibrosis and has to take pills before he eats anything so he doesn’t get diarrhea. So he pretty much couldn’t eat.. Good one!
And I was off the hook yet again for dinner, so you guessed it, ravioli and Netflix šŸ˜‰
Thursday, another school day for everyone, was my first time making a meal for the family. I set out to make meatballs, mashed potatoes, and squash, and despite a disappointingly not thickened sauce and half-rotten squash, it tasted pretty good šŸ˜‰
Friday they were in school again, and so I cleaned mostly all day, turns out I’m quite the housewife šŸ˜‰ and then classic hotdogs and fries for supper, which went over well mostly.. Peter is quite.. Let’s say moody, when it comes to supper, so he has yet to actually eat what I’ve made, but I’ll keep you posted on that šŸ˜‰
So over all a great first week, and hopefully it stays that way!


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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