Obsessed Study- The Obsessed Soul

Good morning! First some business- I had written yesterday morning that this would be up last night.. but after my first day as nanny to three energetic kids, I was completely wiped out, so my apologies! But here it is now 🙂 Join me on my journey to become completely Obsessed with my Daddy God

There is 5 chapters in the book, so I’m going to go through half a chapter in each post!

Chapter 1-The Obsessed Soul

What makes obsessed people different? They’re unstoppable. Their thoughts are completely consumed with whatever obsesses them. They can’t walk away- they want that thing more than anything else. People who are obsessed do all they can to serve their passion.

While I was reading about the different characteristics of the obsessed, I looked at my own life. As I read through this section, I was hugely convicted. If I’m being totally honest (because what’s the point otherwise), I would have to ashamedly admit that up until this current moment in my life, I have not been living in a way that would show obsession for God. I am not obsessed. But my heart’s cry to God has been to give me a desire to become so in love with him that it’s all I can do- I want to be obsessed.

The book makes a very strong statement on the first page: Obsession determines destiny. The things that consume your thoughts and time will determine how you end up.

It also talks about how many of the famous accomplishments in history are a result of obsession. Examples the author gives are da Vinci, Amelia Earhart, Julia Child, and Florence Nightingale. She also shows how the faith-obsessed people in the Bible display how their obsession honoured God. Take people like Abraham, Noah, and Paul. No matter the trials they faced, they remained obsessed with God, and were rewarded for their faithfulness.

God calls us to be obsessed, he created us to be obsessed with Him. It’s in our nature. And he wants us to be completely consumed by Him. Luke 14:33 says it all- “In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples”. God makes it very clear in the bible that we cannot possibly serve two masters- He is our master. We can’t be part-time obsessed- it’s all or nothing. (Matt. 6:24)

Does this challenge you like it does me? I long to be obsessed. I pray that each day I will learn more and love God in everything I do. I pray that I glorify Him and show his light.

Be blessed!


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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