I found this today while I was looking through the notes on my computer- I’d written it at the beginning of the summer, thought I may as well share it tonight! 🙂

One thing remains: His love will never fail, never give up, or never run up. And if that’s true, then we are set for life! If we are always loved by God, the only one who loves us perfectly, then why do we fear? Why do we worry? God’s got us.

He loves us so much and nothing will ever change that. In every moment, he loves us more than we can even fathom, no matter what we’re doing. Worshipping, praying, reading His word, talking to friends, even sinning. He doesn’t love us any more when we’re worshipping Him than when we are sinning. That is so insanely hard to wrap my head around but it is such a relief.

He will never love us less. We can’t do anything to change His love. He loves us because we are, not because of the things we do. He just loves us. So why do we worry about our future? Why do we stress about jobs, money, anything? God has the best plan and His plan will be the one that prevails.

Be blessed! 


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